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Sky 3D Needlepoint Pillow 18X18" brown

$ 65.00
This piece of art is something you've never seen before in any interior.

So peaceful, so relaxing view of evening skies touched with gold of sunset can both create a meditative mood and fill with joy and energy - just like real sky does. It depends on what you need more at a certain moment.

We imitated white clouds by special embroidery technique which can be done ONLY by hands! And we even emphasized 3D effect of clouds by using wool thread so it really looked spectacular!

Gorgeous combination of dark brown linen makes blue and turquoise colors of the sky even brighter and so natural.
We used beautiful satin threads looking just like pure gold to get an impression of sunset golden light.

This item took almost 2 months of hand work and we do hope it will bring you the energy of joy we put in it.

Materials that we used: 100% polished linen, 100% cotton and satin threads, 100% wool thread
Color: chocolate brown
Size of the pillow: 20"x20"
Size of the decor: 8"X8"
Hidden zipper closure

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