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Blossom 3D Embroidery Picture

$ 55.00

This picture will bring both bright colors and style to the interior.

THE WHOLE IMAGE IS EMBROIDERED BY HANDS in "french knot" embroidery technique.

We used 34 colors of cotton and satin threads and their combinations to make it happen.

We combined classical motive of Monet gardens with very bright pink color of the main material and got an impressive result.

Except being ultra modern and absolutely unique it can always enhance your mood, as bright colors are proved to be healing for mind. That's why non official name for this item is "a pill for good mood" :)

Decor element is 100% hand made in special embroidery technique which can be done only by hands. It is called "French knot". What we love about this technique is 3D effect that it gives.

You'll definitely like this item if you:
like unique and limited art items
want to add colors to your interior
searching for uncommon gift for someone who loves such kind of things

We do believe you'll love this product, as it was made by artists who really love what they do and are true professionals.

Materials that we used: 100% linen, 100% cotton and satin DMC threads.
Color: bright pink
Size of the picture (with frame): 16"x20"
Size of the decor: 9"X7"


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