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About us

Meet the team 

OLGY gathered best embroidery, needlepoint, crochet, tatting masters to create its unique limited collections 

We create designs and develop techniques of their implementation. 

Something you have never seen before 


We use sophisticated decoration techniques to make art-like items.

Decor accents are very important for those who want their homes be very special.

Our items are not the ones that can ever annoy or become dull.

We use a variety of techniques in embroidery/needlepoint/crochet/tatting etc, lots of colors, different textures of threads etc. in order our pieces look DIFFERENTLY under different angles of view, under different light sources... 

This is really amazing experience.

Our Mission

 You can have tons of throw pillows on your couch, or pictures on the wall,

but when you want your home decor to serve you - reflect your character or improve your mood, heal your mind with bright colors or even heat passion in the bedroom, never look the same and boring and just... surround you - then you search for something special and unique, for pieces of art...

We create meaningful, energy giving decor, looking gorgeous and done on a very high level of professionalism at a time.

"Handmade" - a granny's hobby or the most expensive branch in high fashion? 

It's a creative, multilevel, technological process 

Why OLGY? 

If you choose buying our items - you get pieces of art serving for generations.

Our manufacturing STANDARDS include: 
  • SILKY threads to make it look differently under different sources of light and never be boring

  • WOOL threads to make those clouds 3D and look like real. We adore 3D effects


  • 24 KARAT GOLD threads


  • METALLIC threads to make the fire dance in the lights of your candles and create an atmosphere of love and passion

  • MULTI COLOR threads

  • and different multi-size and multi-color BEADS & STONES in order one couldn't take his eyes off such beauty :)

    We're full of interesting ideas, you'll see more incredible designs soon!
"Let people have this beauty at home!" - that was the slogan which inspired us to start project "OLGY".

We create more than just home decor, every item is a piece of art, taking 1-6 months of hand work and we do believe that one day it'll be collectible, highly valued and sought by collectors, just like any other piece of art... painted or sculptured...

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