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Seaside 3D Needlepoint Pillow 18X18"

$ 65.00

Sitting and relaxing by the seaside even in winter?!
Yes! Paintings, prints, photos ... we have a fresh idea!

100% hand made embroidered pillow.
100% bright colors, soft, unique.

We even created 3D waves and touched sand with golden threads to make it shine.

Contrast of chocolate material and bright blue colors works perfect for classical interiors, when you want to make it elegant yet bright.

Sea view is never boring, it's so energetic and relaxing at a time. It's eye catching, it's appealing... It's just beloved by all artists.

Color: chocolate
Material: polished 100% linen, cotton and silky threads
Pillow size: 18"X18"
Decor size: 9"x9"
hidden zipper closure
delicate clean hand wash cold 

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