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So many bedrooms are cozy, relaxing, comfy, clean and clear, beautiful etc. - everything but sexy! 

Colors in bedroom are usually pale, blue, grey... Colors of love and passion are bright and stimulating - red, orange, pink, - and of course they may be too aggressive for bedroom. What's the solution?
The best strategy is adding accents.

Feng shui advises that one can add romance to any color scheme by bringing in for example two red pillows, a red throw on the bed with red candles in pairs. They will add just enough spark without making it too stimulating for sleep. 

Maintain a joyful love relationship, create a bedroom that reflects the beauty of the love relationship you want to be in.

We have some "sparks" for any bedroom. Amazing and brand new.
Elegant, yet sexy. Textile - so organic for bedroom. 

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